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Marketing Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 A Marketing Research 404 A Services Marketing
304 A Integrated Marketing Communication 405 A Marketing Strategy and Relationship Marketing
305 A Distribution and Retail Management 406 A Product and Brand Management
306 A Consumer and Organizational Buying Behaviour 407 A International Marketing
307 A Sales Management and Personal Selling 408 A Virtual Marketing

Finance Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 B Advanced Financial Management 404 B Indirect Taxation
304 B Direct Taxation 405 B International Finance
305 B Advanced Financial Services 406 B Risk and Insurance Management
306 B Banking and Financial Services 407 B International Marketing
307 B Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 408 B Virtual Marketing

Human Resource Management Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 E Labour Laws I307E  Organisational Development 404 E Labour Welfare
304 E Industrial Relations 405 E Labour Laws II
305 E Personnel Administration – Applications and Procedures 406 E Strategic Human Resource Management
306 E Training and Development 407 E Emerging Trends in HR Practices
    408 E Case Studies in PM and IR

Management Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 C Software Engineering 404 C Emerging Trends in Information Technology
304 C Relational Data Base Management Systems 405 C Software Project Management
305 C Visual Basic and Oracle 406 C Business Applications
306 C Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 407 C Information Systems Audit
307 C Programming 408 C Internet Technology

Production and Materials Management Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 D Inventory Management and Material Requirements Planning 404 D Operations Strategy
304 D Modeling Techniques and IT for Operations Mnagement 405 D Technology Management
305 D Supply Chain and Logistics Management 406 D Quality Management
306 D World Class Manufacturing 407 D Project Management
307 D Productivity Management 408 D Strategic Sourcing

International Business Management Specialization

  Semester III   Semester IV
303 F International Marketing 404 F International Business Operations
304 F International logistics and Supply Chain Management 405 F Foreign Exchange Management
305 F Environment and Global Competitiveness 406 F International Financial Management
306 F International Regulatory Environment 407 F International Diversity Management
307 F Export and Import Procedures 408 F Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Following Specialization Shall be Offer

  • Marketing Management (MKT)
  • Financial Management (FIN)
  • Information Technology Management (IT)
  • Operation Management (OPE)
  • Human Resources Management (HR)
  • International Business Management (IB)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Rural & Agribusiness Management (RABM)
  • Family Business Management (FBM)
  • Technology Management (TM)
  • Banking and Insurance Management (BIM)
  • Healthcare Management (HM)
  • Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
  • Services Management (SM)
  • Retail Management (RM)
  • Digital Media & Communication Marketing(MC)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)
  • Defence Management (DM)