Anti Ragging & RTI

Say No To Ragging
What Is Ragging? Consequence
Mental / Physical Sexual Abuse Expelled from the Instiution
Verbal Abuse Banned from the mess/hostel
Indecent Behaviour Denied Scholarship
Criminal Intimidation/Wrongful Restraint Debarred from examination
Undermining Human Dignity Denied Admission to any institution
Financial exploitation/Extortion Prosecuted for criminal action
Use of force Prosecuted by the police on thebasis of FIR filed institution
Each of the above is criminal offence
Right To Information Act
प्रथम अपिलीय प्राधिकार
श्री. संजय निवृत्ती गुंजाळ
पुणे विद्यार्थी गृह, नाशिक ४२२००४.

मो. नं. ९६५७५१६३०९
जन माहिती अधिकारी
डॉ. सोनाली भास्करराव जाधव
प्रभारी संचालक
पुणे विद्यार्थी गृह व्यवस्थापन महाविद्यालय म्हसरूळ, नाशिक-४२२००४.
मो. नं. ९८८१०५५७३८
सहाय्यक जनमाहिती अधिकारी
श्री. प्रशांत डी. दवंडे
वरिष्ठ लिपिक
पुणे विद्यार्थी गृह व्यवस्थापन महाविद्यालय, म्हसरूळ, नाशिक-४२२००४.
मो. नं ८८८८८२९६९२
First Appellate Authority
Mr. Sanjay Nivrutti Gunjal

Pune Vidyarthi Griha, Nashik-422004
Mobile: 9657516309
Information Officer
Dr. Sonali Bhaskarrao Jadhav.
Director In charge
PVG Institute of Management Mhasrul ,
Mob No: 9922009489
Assistant Information Officer:
Mr. Prashant D. Dawande
Sr. Clerk
PVG Institute of Management, Mhasarul,
Phone No. 0253-2530963
Mob No.8888829692